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Relay Writing – Collaborative story telling in four different genres.


Relay Writing is a free writing project intended to demonstrate that we can break all the rules to create a good story, or even a masterpiece. We have no synopsis, no character plans, no long term plot, no particular setting, problem or resolution (yet), and it’s going to have a few hundred different authors that don’t know each other.

Here’s what it is – read the stories, and you can then write the following section. Make it between 800-1000 words, and stick to the rules, and you stand a good chance of it being accepted. If it is accepted, and nobody beats you to it, it’ll get tagged on to the story for everyone else to read. If it doesn’t get accepted, we’ll let you know, and tell you why. It might purely be bad grammar or spelling. You may re-submit after your changes have been made. You will still get a mention in the contributors list, even if your attempt is not accepted.

Simply have a go, and be part of literature history!

To read the stories, click on a category on the left. Individual posts can be viewed, along with the entire story.

Ok, the legal stuff, here we go.

Basically, anything you submit to this site is still your intellectual property, and you retain the rights to it, however there are a few concessions.
In order to market the site, we reserve the right to publish portions of each story, and that may include your submission. You won’t get any return for use of your work in this way.

If your submission is successful, although you hold the copyright to that portion, we ask that you do not attempt to make commercial gain from that portion, as it may be damaging to the site, and to the story as a whole, thus diminishing the efforts of others. We reserve the right to remove portions of the story should such a situation happen, and to request damages paid as a result should publication of the whole story be hindered or proceeds diminished.

For those with unsuccessful submissions, your work is entirely yours, and we hold no rights to it whatsoever. You may publish it, post it, and do with it as you wish.

We want this site to be as open and as free-thinking as possible, and will try as hard as we can to not censor or restrict your free speech, ideas, or design. Say what you like in the comments, and as long as it’s not ‘too’ offensive, then it’ll stay there. The only things we won’t tolerate are:

  • Obvious and extreme racism or sexism
  • Libellous or inflammatory remarks about any other person. Apart from maybe Nick Griffin – say what you like about him.
  • Threats or malicious comments intended to hurt or cause harm, or induce or encourage others to the same.
  • Other stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

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